First class free if pre-booked, so you can decide if this is the class for you and whether you'd like to continue
Do contact me on enquiries@longdittonyoga.co.uk or 07909 898522 or 020 8390 9522 

Classes work out at £11 per class.  I ask students to pay for 10 classes so I spend my time teaching rather than taking money.  Fee is pro-rata if you join mid-block of classes.

Yoga can help improve

anxiety                                 flexibility                              shoulder issues
back issues                          mobility                               sleep
circulation                            mood                                   stress levels
confidence                           neck issues                         tension
energy levels                       posture                                well being
fitness                                  relaxation                            and more....................

                    "I just wanted to say how much better my back has been since your class last Thursday. That night I had no back stiffness when sleeping at
                                      night which hasn't happened for a long time!"  JC January 2018

                    "I thoroughly enjoyed yoga: it is like being in peace and harmony - look forward to the sessions."

How long are the classes?

Classes are 1.5 hours long and run throughout the year, apart from Christmas holidays

What level are they?

They are mixed ability - so they are suitable for beginners, returnees and the more experienced.

Try a class first

First class free if pre-booked.  Do come along and try a class to make sure it suits you before you decide to join.


First class free if pre-booked.  Classes work out at £11.00 per class. I ask students to pay for 10 classes so I spend my time teaching rather than taking money.  Fee is pro-rata if you join mid-block of classes.

What equipment do I need?

  • Initially none - I can lend you some.

If you decide to continue you will need a sticky yoga mat and 5 blocks, which I can supply at wholesale price, if you wish.

What to bring?

  • socks, jumper and blanket or large towel to keep you warm during relaxation

What to wear?

  • comfortable flexible clothes, like a t-shirt/fleece and jogging bottoms

  • we work in bare feet

Yoga and eating

Don't eat a heavy meal prior to yoga class. It is better (and you will find the poses easier) if you only eat lightly before your class.

Yoga and water

Please drink plenty of water before and after your yoga class.

Books Recommendations
Light on Yoga                                   B K S Iyengar                                      0 04 149035 5
Yoga – the path to holistic health     B K S Iyengar                                      0 7513 2167 2  (Hardback)
Yoga the Iyengar Way                     Silva, Mira & Shyam Metha                 0 86318 420 0
How to use yoga                              Mira Mehta                                          1 84038 561 8
Anatomy of yoga                              Dr Abigail Ellsworth                             978 1 55407 766 3
                                                                                                                     1 55407 766 4
Mindfulness (a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world. Mark Williams and Danny Penman  ISBN 978 0 7499 5308 9
Wisdom Perpetual calendar  https://www.inspiredstillness.com/product/wisdom-desk-calendar-with-box/